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Wedding Cinema Frame

These are the movie frames that we got from Wedding Cinema.

Annie’s Pre-13th Birthday

Last Year 2011 we Captured her 12th Birthday Party and so her mitzvah 13th Birthday Party on June 24th 2012 in Paradise Banquet Hall.

Digi Cambay Basketball Team is going to the Finals on June 3rd 2012

3 years of supporting and promoting this team is always excited. I always think that someday this team is going to the finals in PBA Hamilton.

I remember December 2008 Marvin De Guzman approached me. He is one of the good point guards in the league and he asked me of having a basketball team and be part of the sponsor. I know that I’m going to trust him of taking care of this team. To be part of this community in PBA Hamilton is extraordinary.

I’m so proud of this team and finally they reach to the finals PBA Hamilton 2012.

Here’s is one of their old videos of their inspirations.

Divine + Federex | E-Session

Divine and Federex Engagement pictures Sneak Peak.
Tell us what do you think about this e-session?
Wedding Date July 28 2012

April 9, 2012 - 3:19 pm

Divine - Love it…Can’t wait to see the whole thing…Thanks DiGiCambay Photography…

April 9, 2012 - 3:22 pm

Clarence Mae Alarcon - N I C E….very natural….soo cute I like it…sooo candid,well done :-)

Priscila & Roy | Old Mill Inn

Saturday March 31 2012
Old Mill Inn & Spa Toronto

Priscila and Roy have met in Brazil, they fell in love and Roy brought Priscila in Canada and to be married.

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